Glosec Group is proud to present the new & innovative development in the field of security, Glosec Security Application (GSA)

Glosec Security Application (GSA) Connecting Security Systems & People simplifies mission control, providing team members with step-by-step response guidance whilst improving performance.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (2016) – Glosec Group recently announced the latest development in the field of security, Glosec Security Application powered by The GSA platform revolutionizes the handling of both large scale security operations as well as small scale ones. Executing carefully constructed protocols, GSA automatically streamlines procedures and micro-manages all security teams, all while avoiding information overload.

The GSA platform revolutionizes the concept of “all hands on deck” for large-scale event production and security. Glosec’s adhesion to a holistic framework that connects sensors, people and protocol, delivers the highest standard in management and safety, allowing the most critical information to be recorded, assessed and delegated to the right person with clarity. GSA alerts its operators when anomalies are recognized and when man-made decisions are required.

Our user-friendly UX/UI system provides immediate connection to your team, allowing them to report incidents, trigger automatic responses, and provides them step-by-step guidance when their response is required. By ensuring strict adherence to the procedures, including in stressful situations and in instances when an employee is untrained, GSA improves security team performance, increases service level, and reduces the risk of catastrophe, all with major savings on the cost of training.

GSA celebrates the thoroughness of micro-management without overloading users or managers with excess information. While tracking significant details, large groups of employees with multiple and differing responsibilities stay motivated and on track.
Ariel Adoram, Glosec’s CEO, noted: “We went through a long process of planning and implementing a strong system that will enable our clients the most convenient and efficient experience available. We at Glosec understand the importance of UX/UI Design, mainly when it comes to security information”