Airport security

As the number of travelers abroad increases, the daily threats of terror to airports on every continent are heightened. With the constant traffic at these pivotal locations, their security depends on establishing strategic and adaptive technological systems.


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As a leading provider of global security, Glosec has always defined airport security as one of its main tenets and areas of expertise. From Intelligence information to access control and terminal security, we manage all facets of defense using site-specific, technologically-advanced systems. All operations are managed from a unified Command & Control center which integrates and consolidates all data into one manageable location. Our software then combines intelligence information, security of main vehicle entrances, external ground protection, passenger security, access and passport control, airside protection, etc., with all loops of security synthesized to allow continuous relay of their technological solutions. Additionally, our GSA Application works alongside this software to manage any emergency using pre-organized, site-specific protocols for defense.