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Grid Tied Solar Systems

Grid tied solar systems for commercial businesses are the fastest growing segment of the solar market worldwide. With rising electricity tariffs, many businesses and government facilities are now experiencing the benefits of solar electricity. SPI has designed and installed hundreds of solar PV systems on rooftops of industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. Grid tied solar systems can easily save you thousands of dollars in energy costs thus making it one of the most popular forms of renewable energy in worldwide.


  • the fastest growing segment of the solar market worldwide

  • most popular form of renewable energy

  • easy to purchase and require virtually no maintenance

  • operating at peak efficiency for many years

  • Cost-effective due to increased efficiency in their design

Today’s grid tied solar systems are easy to purchase, and require virtually no maintenance to keep operating at peak efficiency for many years. Nowadays PV panels are more cost-effective than ever before due to increased panel's efficiencies The biggest advantage of grid tied solar systems is that they combine the renewable energy source with the backup of an available power grid line. The commercial solar investment is an easy choice to make. Considering the fact that electricity costs will undoubtedly continue to escalate, the solar system will become more valuable with time. Little or no maintenance on the system keeps the yearly maintenance costs from hindering the benefits, and the solar panels carry a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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